Tips for Winter Kayaking

Those who love kayaking want to be doing it all year round. It’s a sport they love, and even when the rivers become freezing, there’s no stopping them. Winter kayaking, with the right gear, can be just as scintillating as in the Summer time. There’s a certain way to dress for cold water kayaking. Anyone who has paddled on icy waters will know that for winter kayaking must include a wet-suit. It all depends on the water temperatures and conditions because you may even require a drysuit or even a wetsuit and drysuit combo. Wetsuits won’t keep the water out but instead keep water next to the skin where your body heat warm it up. They’re available as full-length suits. Other Winter kayaking gear that will be necessary are good paddling gloves. Icy, still hands can’t perform any action, and you’ll also need a fleece toque for your head and maybe even a pair of ear plugs to prevent that freezing water from dribbling into year ears.

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