Fitness requirements for canoeing

If you are an adventurer and a water sports enthusiast, then you have definitely heard of canoeing. This is an absolutely enjoyable water event and like any other sport, there are some fitness requirements for canoeing. These requirements must be considered before one decides on taking up the sport, I will give you some free advice however that canoeing is good for building your core strength. The fitness requirements for canoeing include stretching which is essential since the sport requires full body strength. It is also important to have adequate upper body strength, and some weights might be an adequate exercise for one who is seriously pursuing canoeing. Every sport has its own techniques and canoeing is no different and as part of your daily exercise routine, you will need to practise or mimic this paddling styles to help you stay safe in the water and also become a better canoeing expert. It is easy to see that there is not too much required in terms of fitness when it comes to canoeing and so if you can swim you can paddle, pick up a paddle today and go canoeing.


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