Equipment: Everything you need to enjoy a day of Conoeing

Canoeing is the fabric of many societies all over the world. It is, therefore, no surprise if you find someone locked up in a cubicle daydreaming of an upcoming canoe trip. However, even as you drift off to dreamland, you still have to assemble the right equipment to make your weekend canoeing trip a success. Here are the core and essential items you need and some of them make it to the David Florence’s most replaced piece of canoeing equipment list: • The paddle: Apart from your boat, you will need a paddle to use as the steering, propulsion, and braking system. • Buoyancy aid kit: This is critical since it helps you stay afloat and lets you swim. The support you choose should fit you comfortably and snuggly. • A wetsuit: If learning how to use a canoe, a wetsuit will be critical since you will take more than a few dips as you learn the ropes. • Paddle tops and bottoms: Tops off an external shield that keeps the elements out over thermal layers and your wetsuit. Paddle bottoms are the same as the tops, but they have extra reinforcing at the knees and the bum. Nowadays, most people do not bother with wetsuits and instead suit up in paddle tops and bottoms. • Thermals: A good layer next to your skin helps keep you warm and keeps moisture from your skin. Thermals should be able to keep you warm even in the coldest of environments. • The dry suit: Dry suits will help prevent nasty cold spots around the kidney areas. • A helmet: You only have one life to live, and you need to protect it. The helmet will protect your head from nasty knocks against rocks. With this equipment, you will be ready to go.

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