Crazy Canoeing Facts Throughout History

Some of the most interesting and crazy canoeing facts you can find are connected with the sport of ice canoeing. Who would believe that there are so many people that live and train throughout the whole year, with the single purpose of entering in a famous race through frozen river waters? This crazy type of canoeing actually started long ago as a risky, but much needed, method of transport to travel across the icy Saint Lawrence river in Wintertime. According to legend, the racing sport first started as a family contest aimed at winning the local mail delivery contract. At present, there is an Association that organises races every year and one of the most famous is Carnaval de Quebec. Some might say that it is one of the most famous Winter Carnivals on the earth. If you are a canoeing enthusiast then you must try to visit this event. There you will have the chance to learn many canoeing facts from the enthusiasts taking part in this huge icy party. You can also witness it for yourself!

Crazy canoeing facts on ice canoeing

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