• Crazy Canoeing Facts Throughout History

    Some of the most interesting and crazy canoeing facts you can find are connected with the sport of ice canoeing. Who would believe that there are so many people that live and train throughout the whole year, with the single purpose of entering in a famous race through frozen river waters? This crazy type of […]

  • Tips for Winter Kayaking

    Those who love kayaking want to be doing it all year round. It’s a sport they love, and even when the rivers become freezing, there’s no stopping them. Winter kayaking, with the right gear, can be just as scintillating as in the Summer time. There’s a certain way to dress for cold water kayaking. Anyone […]

  • Canoeing at the Olympics – A look at the British team

    Were you glued to the TV watching the canoeing at the Olympics this year? The first ever canoeing competition dates way back to 1869 and by the 1890s canoeing as a sport was becoming popular all over Europe. The sheer diversity of canoeing means that it offers something to suit everyone and it’s exciting to […]

  • Fitness requirements for canoeing

    If you are an adventurer and a water sports enthusiast, then you have definitely heard of canoeing. This is an absolutely enjoyable water event and like any other sport, there are some fitness requirements for canoeing. These requirements must be considered before one decides on taking up the sport, I will give you some free […]

  • Canoeing safety tips

    Have you ever been in a dangerous situation while doing watersports? If the answer is yes, have a look at our canoeing safety tips in the lower half of this post. First, I would like to mention two general rules that will keep you out of harm’s way, not only in sports: 1. Never underestimate […]

  • Looking for your next family holiday? Canoeing holidays are good for everyone

    Are you sick of the same old family holidays? Are you looking for something fun, adventurous and inclusive to do this summer? Just imagine a vacation where there is the sun, pure fresh air, swimming, water and endless fun. What you have just described is a canoeing holiday. If you’re looking for Summer holiday fun […]

  • Clothing for canoeists make all the difference in this sport

    Whatever sport you take part in, you need the right gear because it encourages competitiveness. Not just that, the attractive clothing and equipment can influence performance as well. Clothing for canoeists is necessary because the right equipment boosts confidence and allows you to push yourself to the max! You can’t be canoeing when you’re chafed […]